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01 April 2012 @ 11:08 am
Today is Sunday, but I still have to work T___T what a shame of me i thought before.
But at 09.30 am, here comes the patient *I'm working at the clinic as the doctor* complaining of leg pain, he is a 47 years old Japanese ojichan with a nice face who will make u feel warm when looking at him^^, after the examination and others, when he was waiting for me typing his medical document,
He asked me: "sorry doctor, but what is your nationality?"
me: I'm Indonesian born Chinese^^
ojichan: aah! I thiks so because you don't look like Indonesian people^^, so why you staying here?
me: *making joke* actually I want to live in Japan with Arashi, but the situation said I can't T____T
Ojichan: eeh! Arashi? do u like it? me and my wife like them too!
me: really!! yaay!!
ojiichan: which member do you like the most?
Me: Sakurai Sho-san desu^^
ojichan: ooah sakurai-san, I had met him 2 times^^ because I work at Narita Airport
me: you're so lucky! I wish I could meet him, watching their live concert!
Ojichan: it's very difficcult to get the ticket T___T
Me: sometimes...maybe T__T, so ojichan, who is your wife's ichiban?
ojichan: let me see....emmm...
Me: Ninomiya-san?
Ojichan: no, no, the other one....hm...
me: Matsujun?
ojichan: aaah!!! yaaa! Matsujun!

hahahaha...and the conversation continued until I'd finished the medical document and explaining every medication I gave him.. The ojichan said that I can contact him someday when I go to Japan *that's so kind of him* and he gave me his name card, it turned out that he work in the Russian Airlines company, so he met Sho-chan when his trip to Russia several times ago^^

Arashic ojichan! you've made my day^^ arigato gozaimasu! Odaijini^^
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25 March 2012 @ 03:21 pm
Currently I'm addicted to this game^^
Enjoy the desperate and curious feeling when controlling the direction of the giant worm, LOL xDD

here is the link if u want to enjoy it too, but sign in first^^

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Sakurai Sho
Is me. Sakurai is.
Wild at Heart.
I do.
Smelly little man.
Feel me by pressing the back.
Personal favorite lyrics are
"Beginning of the second rust"
And, in rare single storm, the first person
But that little difference.
This is ... I'm a big difference.
Also PV, because it is a finish like have fun watching, savor any way.
Nice to meet you
m (__) m
Sakurai Sho
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13 November 2011 @ 10:27 am
all started yesterday when I did my routine checking mail n my Livejournal.
when I saw my friends page... I saw that community was in trouble, so a leecher has been uploading the comm's subbed video in streaming sites. Since all of us know that reposting is forbidden...sho why that nanoka or whoever she is did that..even we had flagged n commented , the video was finally down, but she DID IT AGAIN in other sites!! T___T

What is the advantage for u, Miss?? T__T

please understand that we, non japanese speaker really appreciate them who spend their busy times to sub for us..so please appreciate n follow their rules. and the consequence of what u did is all of us have to reapply for joining the community again...all is because of u.
Is it very easy??
and why you asked us to hate u all we want??
are u sick?

I just hope that incident like this would never happen again.. hate u, leecher!!
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23 July 2011 @ 01:16 pm
hahaha... I just read it and feel so happy^^.. enjoy!


Its me.

This is what happened just before the start of Music Station the other day.

This is what Aiba-kun said to me

A: ' Well... i'm feeling kinda nervous!!'

S:' Well this is the first time we are doing this on TV ..'

A: ' Yes! After we finish our number, I feel that I can speak because i am calm...before we perform, I feel very nervous if I speak!'

S: 'Eh?? Huh, Oh you are worried about that?!  uh, uh-huh. '

Right, its just like your summer holiday homework. When you fnish it, you feel lighthearted. That was the feeling of nervousness that Aiba-kun was feeling.

Our performance on Music Station went without a hitch and after that, as we were in the car, we turned on the TV. And there was a drama being telecast.


Fujigaya is on.

He used to be our back dancer.

He was the kind of guy that would cry on the last day of the tour.

And he was on th drama.

And since he is appearing in it,  it sparked my interest in this drama. I would watch it.

I am happy that he's active in the entertainment industry.

.... we are human after all.

He will soon debut as 'kis-my-ft2'.

Ganbare! Fujigaya!

Ganbare! Kis-my!!

I am supporting you.

... we are human after all.

Sakurai Sho
10 May 2011 @ 09:56 pm
this is my 1st post..yeah finally I make a post since I made this account about 2 years ago >.<

Still don't know what to say xDDD

Just wanna soar I LOVE AMNOS! yeay!!!
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